Laz Monthly Parking Agreement

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Permission is required to park in designated motorcycle car parks. To get a permit sticker, visit the Link parking contract if you don`t have a contract yet. If you have a contract but did not have a motorcycle licence at the time of purchase, please contact the TMC-Parking Help Line at 713-791-6161; Option #2, Monday to Friday from .m 8 to 17.m CT. With a valid decal, the motorcycle parker can park in designated TMC garages and surfaces around the campus. Other sites can be find on the attached map. Please contact your institution for information on obtaining a parking contract. The authorization is no longer valid after the termination of the parking contract. Parking cards are made available to parking contract holders. If the parking card does not allow access to the motorcycle parking facility, or if your motorcycle does not trigger the arms of the door with a valid parking card, tap the intercom at the entrance and exit to get help in and out of the parking lot.

In most parking spaces at Texas Medical Center, you have a motorcycle parking lot. Specially designated areas are provided for motorcycle parking and motorcycles can only be parked in these designated areas. Like the directive for all motor vehicles that park in a TMC facility, a fee is required for parking. The attendance rate for motorcycle car parks is the same as the rate of car parking. To update your contact, car and credit card information, as well as payment history and print proofs. Click here If you have any questions about the motorcycle park, please contact our TMC Parking Helpline at 713-791-6161. The termination is processed on the last day of the selected month. TMC Parking Enforcement may display citations on motorcycles parked without valid permission, or illegally parked motorcycles. Texas Medical Center reserves the right to remove motorcycles parked in undated areas and motorcycles without proper authorization. Please use Safari or any other browser to access the link below.

The certification stickers must be mounted on the windshield, the top of the projector or the front fork of the bike and must be visible at all times.