Collaborative And Partnership Agreements

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This note provides an overview of GROW Liberia`s current process to structure partnership agreements. This is what emerges from learning how to deal with the different capabilities and incentives of partners and to ensure a lean but collaborative process. Education cooperation is an ongoing participation between schools and businesses/industry, trade unions, governments and local organisations. Cooperation in education is agreed between two or more parties to work together on projects and activities that improve the quality of student education [13] while improving skills that are critical to success in the workplace. If the Chief Of Intervention is satisfied that the partnership has potential, a partnership document is sent to the Senior Program Management Team (TMS) for review, whereas, as a general rule, a TMS member has already attended the partner`s meeting and the chief intervention`s advice. Together, the TMS discusses and sends the document containing comments and questions to the response team, followed by a meeting with the team. The reasons for the partnership can come and go on several occasions, as the response team collects missing information or takes into account all the issues raised by the TMS. Clearly defined cooperation and partnerships contribute to the establishment of a partnership that enables its participants to achieve their goals. For example, the University of Massachusetts Boston College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Dana Farber Harvard Cancer Center Nursing Services found a shortage of nurses and enough minority nurses to attend doctoral programs that threaten the viability of care programs. With the common goal of providing quality patient care, a collaborative partnership was established, a grant proposal was drafted and a research program was put in place. The success of this program will depend on the capacity and commitment of the university and DFHCC to provide the « time, energy, perseverance and flexibility » necessary to maintain them. [15] The team has found a simple way to decide when a partnership contract should be used and when an agreement should be signed.