Yacht Purchase And Sale Agreement Template

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Go to a yacht brokers office and ask yourself how many things to handle with the papers, no footwork. Most brokers (if it`s a cheap boat) will process the deal for a pack of 12 Busch Light 1. The buyer accepts the purchase and the seller agrees to sell all the rights, titles and shares of the yacht or boat described as follows: This contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer for the purchase of the yacht. This agreement includes payment terms, yacht inspection, location and time of delivery, etc. Often used in the country/region: depending on these factors, the sales contract is drawn up. If the boat is not documented/registered, you must also receive a registration statement proving that the boat is not registered and free of charges or pledges (indispensable for the buyer). I know it`s not cool to post commercial messages, but I know it will help you and especially save you from a broker`s payment. Bouwe Bekking and I operate « Do-it-yourself Yacht Broker » and have been sponsoring the classifieds section on SA for some time. We offer a DIY sales module that goes both buyers and sellers across every aspect of the sale. It is free and we never charge a commission, because like you, we would rather keep our money in our pocket than pay an intermediary. Depending on the situation, the sales module generates all the agreements, sales invoice, delivery protocol, documentation (registration) and provides a convenient checklist for delivery.

You can add your own items to the contract for additional agreements (some work you will do for the buyer). You will be sure that all legal and financial aspects are well taken into account and if you or the buyer have any questions on the way, we can help you at any time. There is no plug, it`s totally free because we want to develop this concept quickly. You need to make an announcement to get started and include all the boat specifications. 7. If the buyer does not pay the balance of the purchase price after the ship is accepted in writing, by e-mail or fax and exports all documents to be executed by the purchaser for the conclusion of the purchase on the date or before the conclusion of the purchase, all funds paid from that date are withheld by the seller and broker as liquidated and agreed damages and the parties are exempt from all obligations arising from this agreement. The amount is divided equally between the seller and the broker, after all expenses incurred by the buyer for the vessel have been paid out of the amount withheld. Yes, for a 25K boat, most brokers don`t waste their time on a boat of this value, unless it`s on their sales dock, lot, etc.

on trade, bought it itself in a weak time. Moorage and space is expensive and you can go upside down really fast when sitting. If you can find a broker to be happy to do good – good idea. These 4 pages, documented by the YBAA, were reviewed by a lawyer, not free, probably revised once a year (or more) and as most professional associations like YBAA, FYBA, CBYA, NWYBA, BCYBA have standard forms. However, they are usually sticky on them are intellectual property. 5. Closing: This sale ends on _____zu that date, the buyer must pass on to the seller a certified cheque or cashier for the balance of the sale price in return for the transfer of the Sailboat property to the buyer by approving and delivering a certificate of ownership to the buyer and transferring to the buyer all keys, locks and operating equipment.