Uk Japan Agreement In Principle

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We welcome the news that an agreement has been reached today between the United Kingdom and Japan. Japan remains one of Walkers` most important markets, where sales have grown steadily since its first launch in Japan more than 40 years ago. The deal reached on 11 September 2020 has been touted by the UK government as « historic » and represents the UK`s first major trade deal after Brexit. In Japan, UKJCEPA was welcomed as the guarantor of continued trade with the UK after Brexit. Japan and the United Kingdom have each enjoyed better access to the other country`s markets since JEEPA came into force in February 2019, but when the transitional Brexit period expires on 31 December 2020, both sides` JEEPA benefits also apply. This is a historic moment for Britain and Japan, our first major trade deal after Brexit. The agreement we have negotiated – in record time and under difficult circumstances – goes far beyond the existing European agreement, as it allows British companies to make new profits in our large manufacturing, agri-food and technological industries. The UK-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement協済 括 is a free trade agreement between the UNITED Kingdom and Japan. [1] [2] The agreement was reached by both parties in September 2020 and signed in Tokyo in October 2020, after the UK left the European Union in January 2020. Trade negotiations with another CPTPP nation, Australia, will begin in a few weeks, and a rollover agreement with member Canada is expected in October, along with a new roundtable with New Zealand.

« Strategically, the agreement is an important step to reach [CPTPP] and put Britain at the centre of a network of modern free trade agreements with like-minded friends and allies, » Truss said. The content of the agreement is almost as important as its political implications – which shows that Global Britain`s dream is alive and well. Minako Morita-Jaeger, a member of the British Trade Policy Observatory, said it was « essential » for the British government to « conclude the first trade agreement with Japan as an « independent trading nation. » The agreement will also be « a solid basis for improving bilateral cooperation between Britain and Japan beyond trade, » she said.