Token Subscription Agreement

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2. Buy completely for your own participation. This agreement is reached with the participant based on the participant`s representation to the Company, which confirms by the execution of this agreement by the participant that the tokens to be acquired by the participant to participate in the PLANCHAIN platform are acquired for participation, not as a candidate or agent, and not for the resale or distribution of a part of it. , and this participant currently has no intention of selling, granting or otherwise disseminating them. In implementing this agreement, the participants also indicate that the participant currently has no contract, obligation, agreement or agreement with a person, a company, a partnership, a trust. They must pre-approve the subscription contract that constitutes the service before a transfer can take place and may revoke the compensation at any time to suspend or terminate the subscription without touching the original transaction. In addition, the terms of the subscription are explicitly signed in the metatransaction and cannot be manipulated. 2. Mandatory arbitration. Any dispute that is not resolved within 90 days in accordance with Section 9.1 is dealt with by arbitration and settled definitively. The number of arbitrators is chosen by the company.

The seat or seat of arbitration is the jurisdiction of the corporation, unless the parties are amended by mutual agreement between the parties. The language to be used in arbitration is English. The current legislation of the agreement is established in accordance with Section 10.1. The arbitration award is final and binding for the parties (« binding arbitration »). The contracting parties undertake to immediately notify and waive their right to any form of appeal, as long as the waiver can be effective. The judgment on the arbitral award may be registered by any jurisdiction responsible for the party or the property concerned. The company and the participants are responsible for the corresponding legal fees and fees. The subscription contract also contains a logic that represents the status of subscription to a given account, so that other smart contracts on the channel can check whether a subscriber is actively paying the publisher.

15. Exchange – Counterparty Risks. If the participant chooses to manage or keep chips through a third party, the participant`s chips may be stolen or lost. In addition, third parties cannot recognize the participant`s right to derivative tokens if, and if it is launched by third parties in accordance with the distribution rules defined in the project.