Sso Collective Agreement 2014

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According to the agreement, interest is paid only for payments made for period 1 (March 8, 1985 to November 5, 1987). These interest rates are calculated on the basis of simple interest with the Canada Savings Bond (CSB) interest rate. Interest is calculated twice a year at 90% of the payment amount due on March 31 and September 30 of each year until the effective payment date. For periods of maternity and parental leave, we use the adjusted weekly working time used to determine the amount of the allowance to be received. This corresponds to the collective agreements of the time. Statistics Canada uses administrative records to locate and identify potential applicants. In addition, the Agency will use internal communication channels, mail outlets, newsletters, online channels and traditional media to inform staff and members of the public. For those who joined the ESS after 1993, Statistics Canada uses employment records to identify and contact legitimate employees. Employees who worked as interviewers and senior investigators from 1985 to 1993 are encouraged to contact Statistics Canada to learn more about the process to make a claim. No, the payment is not considered a salary for the purposes of superannuation or disability insurance. The additional payment is a percentage of the total gross pay equity payment and the percentage is determined by the date an employee completed the ESS work. For the calculation of payment, there are three specific periods. At Statistical Survey Operations, a special mailbox has been created to allow former employees to contact us and leave their current address or email address so that we can forward a pay equity payment package.

The package contains forms that you must complete and return to Statistics Canada. The email address is: In this case, you can participate in a three-step verification process. Yes, the tally is paid to the deceased`s estate. Please note that in the event that the payment of 60% of the portion of your payment and this additional payment exceeds $20,000, any amount above the $20,000 threshold will be treated as compensation for lost wages and subject to legal deductions and will be declared on a T4/Rel 1 in accordance with Article 19 [iii] of the settlement agreement. The goal is to make a payment for each employee where possible. There may be situations where this is not possible. We give you a breakdown of the different periods of employment, the number of hours worked for each period, the payment for each period and a breakdown of the 60% share, the 40% share and the interest for eligible periods. For periods when disability or work benefit benefits have been paid, we use the average hours of work (AWW) set the day before benefits begin. As noted above, these hours are counted only for the period of employment between November 6, 1987 and November 30, 2013. Eligible workers have five years from the date of the last compensation to assert their right. A senior interviewer who worked for SSO between November 6, 1987 and November 30, 2013 and who received a salary, maternity or parental allowance, disability allowance or work allowance during that period.

We are in the process of forming a dedicated team for this project.