Nearmap Products Agreement

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1. Nearmap is a provider of aerial photographs and related products and services. Website means that all websites and sub-pages available in the (a) area include the full agreement and agreement between the parties regarding everything related to the purpose of this Agreement; and third parties are third parties for third-party products and services at Nearmap. In concluding the agreement, the licensee agrees to the following conditions of NASA/NCAS: ( (ii) which suppliers are not authorized to provide the services, products or data provided under such agreements, and that Nearmap may not be able in such circumstances and is not required to provide, in a timely or otherwise manner, certain or all proprietary or product products. Nearmap does not verify the accuracy or completeness of data provided by third parties. Nearmap instructs Google to provide navigation and geolocation data as well as related content. In entering into the contract, the licensee accepts Google`s terms of use, as they apply to the licensee. 8.1 Nearmap requires third parties to supply the products. The licensee undertakes to comply with all requirements and restrictions that may be imposed directly or indirectly on third parties through Nearmap, with respect to their respective products and/or services at the time or after the agreement. The licensee recognizes that the supply of products depends on and depends on the appropriate supply of products and services provided by third parties. In accordance with Point 9 of the Agreement, Nearmap`s liability is reduced to the extent that it results in or contributes to losses or damages of any kind by third parties. For the comfort of the licensee, Nearmap has defined in this clause 8 links to the terms of sale of these third parties, whose licensee must respect the licensee. The licensee also acknowledges that in entering into the contract, the licensee is required to comply with the respective third-party terms of sale, which currently include the third parties listed below.