Is A Private Road Maintenance Agreement Required In Washington State

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(f) Private road signs with road names must be presented by the promoter at the intersection of private roads with public and private roads. These signs must comply with technical standards and, in the event of a crossing with the public road, either within the framework of public law of priority or by providing for separate facilitation. Roads are allowed for temporary maintenance by the City of La Center on the recommendation of the Director. The final receipt is not made for one year from the date of provisional receipt, and the owner and/or its supplier and distribution companies must remedy any failure within one year, at the expense of the owner or its contractor or the responsible suppliers; where a loan of an amount and a guarantee acceptable to the director or any other safe method may be necessary prior to this adoption, in order to ensure that the City of La Center has the satisfactory performance and maintenance of these road improvements for a period of two years, if the Director believes that all specifications are not fully met. [Ord. 2009-10 No 1 (Exh. 1), 2009; Ord. VI-9-1 No. 13, 1989.] (1) No construction may take place on land that is not on a public road or on a private road that meets the minimum standards of priority or facilitation rights set at THE CML 12.10.170; provided that this prohibition does not apply to the construction of a residential building, to a sign or the addition, modification or refurbishment of an existing structure within 12 months, which does not exceed 25% of the value of the existing structure and does not increase the total area of the structure by more than 10 per cent. (4) Drainage classes and structures. Written permission from the Director is required for all proposed scoring and rating and drainage structures. Drainage details and types of road profiling should be included in construction plans. A comprehensive rating plan must be presented as part of the plans.

12.10.220 Single-family/Duplex (2) Priority rights or private facilities necessary for this extension or extension or establishment of a private facility are created or implemented as a precondition for development. [Ord. 2009-10 No 1 (Exh. 1), 2009; Ord. VI-9-1 No. 25, 1989.] (13) « semi-road » means any public or private road on the right or on the road, which is less than the required width indicated in this chapter and is fixed in such a way that the additional semi-width provision or facilitation may be provided at a later date to complete the full-width roadway. Instead of completing the necessary public improvements before a short circuit or building permits are granted, the director may accept a loan with certainty and conditions satisfactory to him, or another safe method, as the director may require, by providing the City of La Center with the actual construction and installation of such improvements within a time frame set by the director and set by the director of the loan or other agreement, and implemented by the director by way of legal and appropriate recourse. Under no circumstances should a loan represent less than 110% of the cost of construction. [Ord. 2009-10 No 1 (Exh. 1), 2009; Ord.

VI-9-1 No. 11, 1989.] (27) « standard specifications, » the specifications adopted in LCMC 12.10.040 for road construction. 1. The minimum width of the roadway and pavement for all urban roads must meet the requirements of technical standards. Additional priority fees may be required if necessary to accommodate the runways. (2) The proponent of the plate or short plate is responsible for maintaining the private road for a period of two years from the date of certification of that private road or the registration of the plate or short plate, depending on what happens later.