Ccs Estates Professional Services Framework Agreement (Rm3816)

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We help occupants reduce costs, increase revenue generation and create better jobs. Our services include streamlining the portfolio, planning the land, improving sustainability and managing implementation. You can also access specialized business advisory services through our appointment under the respective CSC framework. « We will provide acquisitions and services for waste management, valuation and other real estate-related services in the East midlands and West Midlands, South Wales, South West England and North East England, and we have already started working on new jobs in Durham and Doncaster. 7000,000 real estate services, 90711200 Non-construction environmental standards, 70200,000 own real estate rentals or rentals, 70331100 Institution Management Services, 70120000 Purchase and sale of real estate, 71324000 Quantity Survey Services, 90711500 Non-Building Environmental Monitoring, 90714000 70210000 rental or lease, 703211000 land rental services, 703222000 empty rental or sale, 7033,30000 property management services on the basis of cost or contract , 7,0332300 Industrial Property Services, 70333000 Housing Services, 70121200 Real Estate Purchasing Services, 70122200 Land Purchase Services, 71317210 Health and Safety Services, 90712100 Urbanum Development, 70123200 Non-residential real estate sales, 70300,000 real estate agency services on a fee or contract basis, 7180,000 Water and Waste Advisory Services, 70111,000 Residential Real Estate Development, 70332100 Land Management Services , 79933000 Design Support Services, 75112100 Administrative Development Services, 70122000 Land Sale or Purchase Services, 71314300 Energy Efficiency Consulting Services, 71315400 building inspection services, 79421000 off-site project management services, 79342400 auction services, 70 122210 Vacancy Purchasing Services, 70222000 rental or rental services for non-residential real estate , 70310,000 building rental services of its office or sale, 71621000 Consulting Services , 70112000 Non-residential real estate development, 70121100 Building sales services, 70122100 Land Sales Services, 71315100 Building Materials Council, 90711300 Analysis of Environmental Indicators Other Constructions, 70123000 Property Sales, 703111000 Home Rentals or Sales, 70332000 Non-Residential Real Estate Services , 70332000 79211120 Sales and Sales Services, 70110000 Real Estate Development Services, 70122110 Sales Services as it stands, 71315210 Building Advisory Services, 9071310 0 Consulting Services for Water Supply and Wastewater Other than Construction, 70123100 Residential Real Estate Sale, 70331000 Residential Real Estate Services, 703322200 Commercial Real Estate Management, 7010000 Real Estate Services with Own Property , 70121000 building sales or purchase services, 71317100 fire protection and control services, 90714200 Corporate Environmental, 70130000 Own Real Estate Rentals, 70320,000 Land Leasing or Sale Services, 71315200 Building Consulting Services, 71315300 Building Survey Services Services are designed for central authorities, decentralized governments and the broader public sector. This agreement will provide industry-related services that can be used by central authorities and all other public bodies in the UK. It will replace the current RM3816 Estates Professional Services Framework agreement, which expires in August 2021. 7000,000 real estate services, 70123200 Non-residential real estate sales, 70100000 real estate services with own property, 70122110 Short selling services, 70121000 Sale or construction purchase, 70321000 Land rental, 7013000 Own real estate rental, 70123100 Real Estate sale, 70123100 7021000 Residential real estate rental or leasing, 70310000 tree rental or sale services, 70123000 Sale of real estate , 70112000 Non-residential property development, 7033200 0 Non-residential real estate services, 70331000 Residential Real Estate Services, 70332100 Property Administration Services, 70200000 rental or rental services for own real estate, 70122000 Ven