Boeing Product Support And Assurance Agreement

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9.6 The above requirements are downgraded by the seller to the seller`s supply chain, the change being made to the fact that all supply chain notifications pass through the vendor (not directly from the supply chain to Boeing). The vendor must notify Boeing of all sub-level leaks in accordance with the communication process described here in this proceeding. For the purposes of this note, the supply chain refers to the entire network of materials, equipment, information and services of the vendor embedded in the products and services. 3.0. The seller must count the original FAA form 8130-3 with the shipment. Foreign governments equivalent to FAA form 8130-3 are acceptable for imported products. Boeing distribution centers are strategically positioned around the world and connected by advanced digital systems to ensure rapid delivery of spare parts. On request, they have updated inventory information to maintain Boeing`s fleets with optimal productivity. These increases are highlighted by new contracts and agreements on digital services, including: –, the UK`s third largest airline, offers award-winning service and affordable prices for solar, urban and ski destinations in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and European leisure cities. has signed a partial package agreement that provides local stocks to support operations, as well as effective cost control and security. In addition, has signed packages of interior, avionics and performance amendments in support of several new 737-800NG quarantine aircraft. 2.0. Unless otherwise stated, compliance control is carried out at the point of manufacture of the seller or subcontractor, as long as it is deemed necessary to verify compliance with the type type. 3. The seller must maintain and dispose of quality records in a timely manner that can be traced on the compliance of the items delivered to Boeing. The seller makes these records available to Boeing`s supervisory authorities and authorized representatives. The seller keeps these records for the calendar year over (10) ten years from the date of shipment under each applicable order for all product or parts numbers, unless otherwise stated in the order. Thomas Scanlon (at MRO Europe) Boeing Communications Mobile: 1 703-203-5783 – Aegean Airlines has signed a multi-year contract for Jeppesen Crew Pairing services. Crew Pairing complements the current digital functionality of the Aegean And will promote effective human resources operational planning for the airline, supported by optimized and data-controlled decision-making processes. 3.0 Upon receipt of a request for corrective action, the seller conducts an audit to determine the immediate corrective action to be taken to mitigate the effect of non-compliance.

If you do not respond within the time allowed by the requirement, this may lead the seller to retain the authorization to supply products to Boeing and, ultimately, to have the seller removed from the list of the supplier authorized by Boeing. Parts of this lot must be approved in accordance with Federal Aviation Ordinance 14CFR21.9 and must be identified in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulation 14CFR45.15. The following statement must be noted on the packaging sheets of the shipment and be signed by someone within your organization with responsibility for the party`s compliance with the FAA type: It is certified: a) the parts and/or materials reflected here in this part were manufactured as part of a manufacturing and quality assurance method approved by the Federal Aviation Office in accordance with paragraph 21, paragraph 21.307 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 21.307, and b) all parts and/or materials are certified new, in accordance with design data and in airworthiness. 15. The raw materials should not be re-certified with respect to the thermal treatment of temper, thickness, diameter, width or cross-sectional surface or product shape. Heat treatment, machining or product cutting