Akelius Lease Agreement

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If problems persist, you can apply to the landlord and tenant council (LTB) to ask the landlord to make repairs, pay back part of your rent or let you out of your tenancy agreement. When an owner buys a building, the new owner must comply with existing leases. Tenants who lived in the building prior to purchase may not be required to sign new leases or other ancillary contracts. The terms of your rent remain the same as they were below your original lease. Aerate, please, but only for a short time. To get the best heating possible, make sure the free surfaces have in front of the elements. If I couldn`t put stars on, I would. I do not understand how Akelius works as a company and how they were not reported and arrested? All they care about is putting people in their properties, signing the contract, and then they literally disappear. You will not hear from them, they will ignore you completely and will never come back to you. I guarantee they will respond to this assessment and ask you to get in touch with the services@akelius generic email.

Well, I`ve tried to do it several times, and no one in your office cares to answer. I can`t wait to get out of our lease and never face this incompetent business again!! You must terminate your lease three calendar months before you wish to move. Please send us a completed and signed form with all the attachments digitally to us. You can scan or photograph documents and send an email to service@akelius.se. I live at the same address since 2012 .i have my stroller base and shoe shelf left in front of my apartment and the superintendent came knocking on the door told us to choose our shoes and he asked from the shoe shelf said we said, throw it away later in the evening, when we want to remove our baby, our base of strollers no longer went there my husband went to him superintendent asking, but he denied that he was stroller based my husband called me to work, we call customer service to the camera, who took him after a few min property manager call me and told me that he was thrown by superintendent . Now they turn the whole story and accuse me and my husband of leaving our stroller base outside, I told them his child of 2 and 6 years old, serious health problems that can not go that the stroller is custom made it took us a year to get it, he will order it online I give him the seat number, where the stroller was measured for my baby, when he found out the amount he called me yesterday 9 July we said we are just as responsible for the base of strollers says do not accept it, keep it in front of my door and real estate manager told me, I have to pay half . I left strollers outside all the time, even the property manager came several times never mention our stroller now suddenly his guilt and false accusation as the superintendent took stroller my husand standing at the door has nothing dit.la stroller is my baby basic need why we let someone take it. I will ask Poperty Manager if I can talk to him with someone else, but he doesn`t give me. Please, if anyone can help us find where I can complain about these heartless people, I would appreciate it very much. If I can get the central number of akelius or email to contact directly the main manager.