Agreement Between Uganda And Rwanda In Angola

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The four-party summit in July 2019, which followed the mediation efforts of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, decided to give priority to the settlement of potential disputes between countries through peaceful means, conventional channels, in the spirit of the African Brotherhood and solidarity. Tensions between Rwanda and Uganda have fuelled fears of possible armed conflict, with Kagame and Museveni making threatening remarks at public events. After Museveni warned that « those who are trying to destabilize our country do not know our capabilities, » Kagame replied that « no one can get me down anywhere. » According to the agreement, the two sides agreed on the creation of a commission for the implementation of the pact, under the leadership of the heads of the secret services and the foreign ministers of each country. « There`s no border, there`s only relationships — it`s a family affair, » Angelo Izama, an independent Ugandan analyst, said of the tense dynamics between neighbors. In an interview with the press, the two leaders, Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame, expressed interest in intensifying cooperation towards the pacification and normalization of relations between the two nations. After the signing, Museveni said, « Uganda is committed to enforcing this agreement, » while Kagame said that « both countries can take some time » for the two countries to « get along, but I think we`ve come a long way. » The Luanda Agreement is a 2002 ceasefire and normalization of relations between the Ugandan government and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It has attempted to end the ongoing conflict and has had a significant impact on peace in the region. The Luanda Agreement has become a basis for the African peace agreement and is seen as positive by external bodies such as the United Nations and the European Union. Rwanda is very keen to implement the agreement to normalize relations, said the Minister of State for East African Affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe, in an interview with the national radio Radio Rwanda. The legal instruments signed in Luanda seal the agreement between Uganda and Rwanda, which will help overcome the tensions that characterized relations between the two neighbouring countries, whose hostility also has a strong impact on the security situation in the neighbouring DRC.